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TOP 10 Best Vaporizers 2021

TOP 10 Best Vaporizers 2021

Below the 10 best vaporizers for 2021 we have made our ruthless selection and chosen the best models.

Our criterias were:
  • Steam production
  • Steam taste
  • Design
  • Compactness
  • Functionality
  • Range of functions
  • Material and manufacturing quality (including rate of defects)
  • Battery capacity
  • Pass-through function (rechargeability during use)
  • Replaceable battery
We hope to give you a quick overview that will make your purchase decision easier. 


TOP 10 Portable Vaporizer


1st place: WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS / FENiX Pro

Still relatively new on the market, the WOLKENKRAFT brand has already earned an excellent reputation in the mid-price segment. Thanks to consistently high-quality devices with very good performance and steam production, WOLKENKRAFT is one of the most recommendable brands at the moment and also a very hot tip because of the very fair price-performance ratio.

The astonishingly low defect rate of WOLKENKRAFT equipment, averaging 0.5%, simply speaks volumes in terms of quality. This is leading in the industry! Devices from other manufacturers - even in the premium price segment - have an average defect rate of 1.5 to 4%.

WOLKENKRAFT relies on the latest convection technology for almost all of its units and as if this were not enough: the patented ECA technology on the WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS is unique in the world. Easy cleaning due to the modular design and the fully accessible steam channel included. The housing here is made of aluminum instead of plastic, unlike other comparable devices such as the Mighty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. The vapor piece is made of specially tempered glass. 

Since the world's best experts in advanced vaporizer technology have cooperated here, the WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS is almost identical in construction to the FENiX Pro. The ÄRiS has a slightly different mouthpiece, the packaging is a bit higher quality and the accessories are more numerous. Otherwise, both devices share the first place well-deservedly.

The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS looks great and is very compact despite the high quality offered and outstanding performance. Although clearly better than all other devices in the premium price segment, it saves the piggy bank and is thus our absolute recommendation for 2021!

  • Technology: 9.5
  • Steam quality: 9.5
  • Materials: 9.2
  • Manufacturing quality: 8.8
  • Functionality: 9.2
  • Flexibility: 8.4
  • Handling: 9.4
  • Mobility: 9.0
  • Battery life: 8.7
  • Overall rating: 9.5

BATTERY: The battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and is not rechargeable during use. It is not replaceable.

Price: 149 ¤

2nd place: FENiX 2.0

FENiX 2.0 is an excellent convection vaporizer. Thanks to strong 4400 mAh battery, it lasts for a long time and thus saves too frequent recharging. This makes it slightly larger than the FENiX Pro, but still handy and far from the size of a Mighty. The body is made of aluminum and the mouthpiece is made of high-quality zirconium ceramic. The vapor is efficiently cooled by the special patented cooling technology. The ceramic mouthpiece provides additional cooling until the vapor reaches the mouth. Thus, the FENiX 2.0 ensures a pleasant vaporization experience.

Other than that, there is nothing to complain about with this vaporizer. Just like the FENiX Pro, the FENiX 2.0 offers a timer that can be set for up to 7 minutes, high-quality manufacturing and materials, and a much better vapor production than typical coduction vaporizers. The FENiX 2.0's affordable price, despite the performance it offers, secures it a well-deserved 2nd place.

  • Technology: 9.2
  • Steam quality: 8.7
  • Materials: 9.0
  • Manufacturing quality: 8.9
  • Functionality: 8.9
  • Flexibility: 9.4
  • Handling: 8.4
  • Mobility: 8.5
  • Battery life: 9.4
  • Overall rating: 9.0

BATTERY: The battery has a capacity of 4400 mAh and is not rechargeable during use. It is not replaceable.

Price: 129 ¤

Rank 3: Mighty

Storz & Bickel is one of the most renowned companies on the market, which is also reflected in the prices of their devices. However, the devices do not shine in terms of design or compactness. Storz & Bickel is known for changing very little about their devices over the years (and even decades). True to the motto "never change a running system," the Volcano units have been on the market for nearly 20 years and have changed very little since then. Among the biggest innovations are the shisha mode (hose function) on the Volcano Hybrid and the anniversary edition sealed with gold.

Their success proves them right: despite the relatively high prices, the devices from Storz & Bickel are among the best-selling vaporizers on the market because quality and performance are simply right. However, the competition is not sleeping and manufacturers like WOLKENKRAFT and FENiX are catching up in a hurry with moderate prices, fancier design, more functions and even partly superior technology.

The Mighty Vaporizer's defect rate is also pleasantly low, making the Mighty the most reliable device on the market alongside the in-house devices and the WOLKENKRAFT devices.

The Mighty is probably Storz & Bickel's best-known vaporizer, along with the Volcano floor-standing device, and provides the benchmark market for vapor development and flavor. Disadvantages are the somewhat complicated cleaning of the cooling unit as well as the mouthpiece and what once disappears in the device in material residues, can not be retrieved. WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS and FENiX Pro are much more advanced here with their fully accessible steam channel from bottom to top. The fact that the device is completely made of plastic is also not really nice to look at, in contrast to the design-wise more noble competition with a metal casing.
Due to the relatively high price and the aforementioned drawbacks, the Mighty is awarded a very good 3rd place.

  • Technology: 9.1
  • Steam quality: 8.7
  • Materials: 8.2
  • Manufacturing quality: 8.5
  • Functionality: 8.7
  • Flexibility: 8.2
  • Handling: 7.8
  • Mobility: 7.5
  • Battery life: 8.8
  • Overall rating: 8.7

BATTERY: The battery has a capacity of 5400 mAh (2x 2600 mAh) and is rechargeable during use. It is not replaceable.

Price: 259 ¤


The WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI vaporizer builds on the very popular FENiX Mini convection vaporizer. WOLKENKRAFT took the FENiX Mini and improved it in many areas.

They gave the FENiX Mini:
  • scratch resistant high quality OLED display
  • titanium chamber
  • completely redesigned new mouthpiece unit
  • stable specially hardened long glass mouthpiece
  • fresh revised design in two variants (night blue, wood look)
  • optimized internal technology including reduced error rate and improved vapor output
  • additional functions such as the extension of the shut-off function by 90 seconds

..and much more. The result is the WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI. 

One of the biggest advantages is the very small size. When you hold the FX MINI in your hands for the first time, you don't want to believe your senses: that's how incredibly small this convection vaporizer is, measuring just 8 centimeters. The small size unfortunately has a disadvantage: the small battery with only 1600 mAh. For us, this was more than enough every time and considering the multiple strengths, this hardly mattered to us. However, certain users who value the battery capacity above everything else might feel bothered by it.

Despite the many improvements, the outstanding vapor quality and yield, and the general high quality that we have come to expect from WOLKENKRAFT products, the WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI is only 20 ¤ more expensive than the FENiX Mini and thus our absolute price-performance winner! Because it costs only 99 ¤. Normally, the FX MINI would have earned 3rd place. Despite the many advantages over the Mighty, we consider the rechargeability during use to be a more important feature, so the FX MINI unfortunately only comes in a still good 4th place.

  • Technology: 9.2
  • Steam quality: 9.4
  • Materials: 9.0
  • Manufacturing quality: 8.7
  • Functionality: 8.8
  • Flexibility: 8.2
  • Handling: 9.4
  • Mobility: 9.0
  • Battery life: 7.8
  • Overall rating: 9.2

BATTERY: The battery has a capacity of 1600 mAh and is not rechargeable during use. It is not replaceable.

Price: 99 ¤

5th place: WOLKENKRAFT FX Plus

Like the FX MINI, the WOLEKNKRAFT FX Plus is based on an earlier FENiX device: the FENiX Convection. The FENIX Convection was already one of the best vaporizers on the market 4 years ago and WOLKENKRAFT has also taken on this vaporizer and given it revised technology and features. The update has really done the vaporizer good and makes the FX Plus one of the best but most affordable vaporizers on the market.

The improvements to the FENiX Convection in detail:
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • optimized convection technology and improved vapor production
  • 6 temperature levels
  • vibration function
  • improved safety functions
The WOLKENKRAFT FX Plus offers everything you would expect from an advanced vaporizer: powerful convection technology, high vapor yield, pure taste, a large herb chamber made of metal and temperatures ranging from 170°-220°C. In terms of functions, the WOLKENKRAFT FX Plus comes across as spartan as a Mighty, because additional functions have been spared and the focus has been on the essentials. Here, however, the FX Plus shines similarly to the big role model and in every respect. 

  • Technology: 9.2
  • Steam quality: 9.3
  • Materials: 8.7
  • Manufacturing quality: 8.7
  • Functionality: 9.0
  • Flexibility: 8.2
  • Handling: 9.2
  • Mobility: 8.8
  • Battery life: 9.0
  • Overall rating: 9.2

BATTERY: The battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and is not rechargeable during use. It is not replaceable.

Price: 119 ¤

That was our top 5 for now. The top 6-10 will follow soon. We are looking forward to your feedback.
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