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Stationary home vaporizers - desktop vaporizers that deliver what they promise.

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Desktop vaporizers (also called tabletop vaporizers) were more flexible in use than portable vaporizers for many years. This is because the stationary vaporisers can be used in a variety of ways: steam or balloon mode, for pure aromatherapy or as a fragrance lamp. Our stand vaporizers offer the perfect vaporizing experience for herbs & extracts. 

The Arizer XQ2 (Arizer Extreme-Q 2.0) vaporizer is the update of the successful Arizer Extreme-Q. The Arizer XQ2 vaporizer comes with a nicer design, a fancier new remote control and has been functionally improved in detail. 

The Volcano Classic vaporizer or Volcano Hybrid vaporizer models from the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel are probably the best-known stand-up vaporizers. The Volcano Classic has been a hit for more than 20 years and has become famous worldwide, especially for its balloon function. The patented powerful heating elements are still among the best of the stand-up vaporizers.

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