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Stylish pen vaporizers are one of the fastest growing trends in the world of portable vaporizers. Pen vaporizers are so popular mainly because of their shape and ease of use.  We carry a few branded models to vape herbs and extracts at their best. 

The Focusvape Pro S vaporizer has been the top dog when it comes to pen-shaped vaporizers for many years. It features a sophisticated design with its 3-stage adjustable airflow, an exceptionally wide temperature range of 80°C - 240°C, a fully glazed air channel, medically safe materials (ceramic, stainless steel, glass and gold) and a replaceable 3200 mAh battery. Functionally, it leaves little to be desired with its simple operation.

The Dynavap Vapcap M vaporizer or just Dynavap M Vaporizer is a very simple pen vaporizer by design. The clever metal tube design has already found many followers. Herbs are poured into the front metal cap, which is then gradually heated with the lighter until a clicking sound is heard. Such vaporizer concepts existed 20 years ago and thus rather at the very beginning, but at that time mainly made of glass (e.g. Eagle Bill, Vaponic). The Dynavap M works amazingly well and can really be used at any time, as it has no electronics and therefore does not need a battery. The vapor production is of course not comparable to electric vaporizers. For the small session in between, however, it performs well. Just right for purists.

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