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FENiX NEO Ceramic Cooling Filter

FENiX NEO Ceramic Cooling Filter

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The FENiX Neo ceramic cooling filter is made of high-quality zirconium dioxide ceramic and cools the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece. In combination with the ceramic mouthpiece, the vapor from the FENiX Neo is cooled to the maximum, making it gentler to inhale.
13,95 EUR
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Small, handy and usable anytime, portable vaporizers are the ideal solution for on the go. With the portable vaporizers we've chosen, you'll find the answers you need, because they're the most popular and best vaporizers for herbs and extracts on the market.

The new WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI ULTRA vaporizer is the new and very extensive update of the FX MINI with revised designs, new slide-in mouthpiece, added timer between 3-5 minutes, added vibration function, larger temperature range of 100 °C - 220°C, USB-C Fast Charge and many other functional improvements.

The new WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS ULTRA vaporizer is the logical update of the ÄRiS. In addition to the existing and diverse strengths of the ÄRiS, the ULTRA variant comes with new attractive designs, a filling chamber made of titanium, a larger temperature range between 100 °C - 220°C, USB-C Fast Charge and many other detail improvements.

The new FENiX NEO vaporizer is more or less the successor of the successful FENiX 2.0. It is also a pure convection vaporizer with many strengths: classic design, filling chamber made of stainless steel, fully insulated air channel, large temperature range between 120 °C - 210°C, high-quality and medically safe materials, double display for infinitely variable temperature and adjustable timer between 3 - 7 minutes, USB-C plug and much more. The new FENiX NEO comes with no frills because the focus has been on the most important functions. What the FENiX NEO can do, it does brilliantly: produce lots of flavourful, pure vapour.

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